Why You Need to Belong to a Club

What NAPKA Can Do For You!

Clubs are the lifeblood of the sport ensuring a local point of contact for any issues that may arise locally.

Councils and bodies prefer to talk to clubs – you look organized – it is one point of contact for them.  It is important to form a club in your region to maintain access and growth of the sport in your region.

Do you want to lose the right to use the beach /access for your kite sports?

Councils and Landowners do not always engage with their stakeholders/individuals (i.e. you) and may ban activities that take place with little warning.

A club can highlight that there is a group of organized people as a point of contact – it is better to inform and create relationships before any problems occur.

This worst-case scenario may have been avoided by the formation of a local club!

With a Club, you could:

1. Agree with the council designated kite beaches/areas, you can now tell members of the public that they are entering a beach /area designated for an agreed activity.

2. Have a code of conduct asking for all power kite riders to be members of NAPKA in order to participate in the sanctioned activities do to NAPKA’s Event Liability Insurance and obey the code of conduct.

Education not Confrontation

A Club Name
Remember you will be dealing with local authorities and Landowners.
Our name identifies us and you as part of an organized group with its own rules.

Coverage – which areas you will cover?
Identify the main areas where the activities take place.

What does the club wish to achieve?
Access, Zoning, Safety members and public, Education, Liability Insurance, Teaching, Coaching, Council liaison, Code of conduct, Insurance, Events, Socials.

How to get your message across?

NAPKA benefits to affiliated clubs in NAPKA regional system

The NAPKA website is one of the most visited sites for information for the sports- it is a portal for your club to be exposed to the maximum amount of people.

NAPKA benefits to regional clubs

By becoming a regional club you will be covered under the NAPKA master policy for your officers and club members for activities, social and events.
Access when available to club NAPKA race crew and equipment – VHF Radios, Signaling devices, marks, etc.

How can NAPKA help?

The NAPKA is actively encouraging the formation of clubs and have a raft of documents that can be used to help you form a club.

There are many other ways we can help, remember the better organized you get the more likely you are to protect your local beach or fly areas. We want to work with local clubs to ensure you can ride anywhere in the country.

If you want help or advice just email us at membership@napkra.org